Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trail of bacterial infections, amputations, deaths

Following the water scam is a trail of illness, infections, death.

One of the ringleaders keeps a score card of foot amputations. He said my neighbor's hepatitis was "normal" and that he would end up having his foot amputated and die. One year later, my neighbor's foot was amputated; he died, age 49.

One more door north (next door to the gentleman mentioned above) was another victim who ended up having his foot amputated. Then his leg was amputated.

He said it was time for my handicapped uncle to die since he looked so terrible. (Which allowed for the fraudulent legal documents to be prepared by his partner.) I never introduced this man to my uncle. He suffered and died a horrific death.

He said recurring cellulitis of my feet was "normal."

In fact he said my ongoing illnesses were "normal."

More deaths across the street.

Not until it was too late, did all of this make sense. The illnesses, respiratory, hepatitis, cellulitis, amputations, deaths. There is a trail of this and more following exposure of sewage. The deadly bacteria is airborne as well as waterborne.

Wilbert G. Swieso is the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the water scam. He boasts of investing 50 yrs into secretly replacing the city water system. Mr. Swieso is a long-time estate planner ~ learn how he preys on his clients, leaving a trail of death following sewage spills and the technique used in bypassing autopsies. Seen forging and altering victims' legal documents and insurance papers, saying "You can't live for the dead." Further boasting that no one will "ever figure it out." Click: Pattern of death follows his offers of, "Help with home repairs".