Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trail of bacterial infections, amputations, deaths

Following the water scam is a trail of illness, infections, death.

One of the ringleaders keeps a score card of foot amputations. He said my neighbor's hepatitis was "normal" and that he would end up having his foot amputated and die. One year later, my neighbor's foot was amputated; he died, age 49.

One more door north (next door to the gentleman mentioned above) was another victim who ended up having his foot amputated. Then his leg was amputated.

He said it was time for my handicapped uncle to die since he looked so terrible. (Which allowed for the fraudulent legal documents to be prepared by his partner.) I never introduced this man to my uncle. He suffered and died a horrific death.

He said recurring cellulitis of my feet was "normal."

In fact he said my ongoing illnesses were "normal."

More deaths across the street.

Not until it was too late, did all of this make sense. The illnesses, respiratory, hepatitis, cellulitis, amputations, deaths. There is a trail of this and more following exposure of sewage. The deadly bacteria is airborne as well as waterborne.

Wilbert G. Swieso is the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the water scam. He boasts of investing 50 yrs into secretly replacing the city water system. Mr. Swieso is a long-time estate planner ~ learn how he preys on his clients, leaving a trail of death following sewage spills and the technique used in bypassing autopsies. Seen forging and altering victims' legal documents and insurance papers, saying "You can't live for the dead." Further boasting that no one will "ever figure it out." Click: Pattern of death follows his offers of, "Help with home repairs".

Friday, May 29, 2009

PHOTOGRAPH: This is "cellulitis" of the feet

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The infections continued for YEARS - excruciatingly painful.

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These RXs represent only a PORTION of 1 yr as the City of Fresno was secretly replacing sewer and water lines; using an unlicensed, unauthorized group to alter the lines on MY property! Behind my back, without my knowledge or consent.

Cellulitis, ongoing illness, respiratory. (Cellulitis / staph / mrsa is linked to raw sewage.)

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In addition to the massive destruction / reconstruction of my property without authorization, permits or inspections, these are my "new" sewer and water lines - imagine the nasty, filthy water that comes from this corroded trash. Or how much longer before they break.

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My handicapped uncle's hospitalizations coincided with the sewage back spills - his death coincided with the City of Fresno's so-called "infrastructure upgrade." Suspected homicide so the ringleader could have the legal documents to our properties illegally altered, appointing himself in charge of the 2 estate properties that were taken by fraud as this continued.

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My next-door neighbor's foot became so infected, it was amputated. Additionally, he contracted hepatitis after repeated exposure of raw sewage, which the risk analyst was lying about. Dead age 50. Risk analyst's response: "Not my problem."

My neighbor across the alley was also lied to by the risk analyst - he was never seen again. Signature on new deed looks like the same forgery I saw the risk analyst's partner forge on an insurance application! Click on pic.

Property torn apart and rebuilt without permits or inspections. Street widened, relocation of storm drains, fire hydrants, street lights, utility poles.

City of Fresno denies ALL OF THIS!

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I have the names of those behind the relocation / reconnection of the utility pole - they tried to swindle me of $2,000 to reconnect. They reconnected the lines/cables, which resulted in an additional $900+/- on my bill that month. Utility poles must be relocated to accommodate the replacement of sewer and water lines, which the city denies. More altered records to make it appear that nothing changed. Click on pic.

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Neighbor across the street was shot/killed when this was done to his property. Same "planted" neighbors who lied, which is why the murder remains "unsolved." Click on pic.

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Same names linked throughout all of this as well as more forgeries and more suspected homicides!

Mayor Alan Autry had his senior risk analyst issue a R.O. against me to call me a "liar."

Here is a copy of the sewer layout, which resulted in death threats if I continue to expose it. Because it verifies EXACTLY what was done - exactly what I reported! Including the altered parcel maps and aerial views in an attempt to cover up the evidence of a 50-yr operation!

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MRSA, staph, cellulitis knowingly being spread throughout Fresno/Clovis, CA as this continues. Doctors and hospitals are being blamed.